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Cellar Person/Assistant Brewer

By July 14, 2023Uncategorized

Location: West Sacramento, California
Company: Bike Dog Brewing Co.
Position: Cellar Person/Assistant Brewer
Shift: Full Time (40hrs/week, occasional OT)
Compensation: $17-22

About The Job:

  • Daily cellar operations consisting of the following with massive attention to safety and beer quality
  • Cellar management with a focus on low D.O. pick up
  • Beer packaging (kegging, canning, bottling)
  • Beer clarification/carbonation
  • Tank dumps and dry hopping
  • CIP of fermentation tanks, brite tanks, various other equipment
  • Yeast management (cropping, harvesting, storage, cell counts, generation tracking, yeast recipe management, etc)
  • Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, and then a little more cleaning…
  • Cleaning floors, tanks inside and out, yeast brinks, cellar equipment, packaging equipment, lab equipment, etc.
  • Cleaning kegs
  • Prepare brew days by weighing and milling grain, weighing out hops, etc.
  • All while maintaining superior communication with the brewdeck regarding water temperatures, volumes, and any/all potential safety or quality issues with your eyes, ears, nose, and feet.

The Ideal candidate:

  • Have working experience professionally in a brewery setting. This includes a knowledgeable foundation of flow control, pressure, pumps, CIP, packaging, etc.
  • Can frequently stand, sit, squat, crouch, crawl and climb
  • Can lift 55 lbs. to shoulder height
  • Can lift / move full kegs (+/- 150 lbs.)
  • Can operate a forklift
  • Can work in loud, slippery, hot, humid, and cold environments for extended periods of time
  • Can work safely around hazardous chemicals, high voltage, hot liquids, compressed gasses, pressurized vessels, etc.
  • Must be an absolute juggernaut of multitasking and paying attention to detail (non-negotiable)

To Apply:

Please send cover letter and resume to:

Start Date: ASAP


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