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2534 Industrial Blvd Suite 110
West Sacramento, CA 95691


Saturday, October 6 12–6pm
Thursday: 4–9pm
Friday: 4–9pm
Saturday: 12–9pm
Sunday 12–6pm

Kid & Dog Friendly

Corn hole and card games available.

    Name Day - Imperial Pastry Stout

    10.2% ABV

    Ken and Melissa Anthony debuted Device Brewing on the east side of town less than two months before we opened our doors in West Sacramento. Since we're practically from the same litter, we decided to blow out our candles together with this birthday cake-style Imperial Stout. Although we still fought over who got to lick the batter.

    Strava, Then Guava - Kettle Sour

    4.7% ABV

    Master of all things tart and funky, Mike Mraz opened his namesake brewery in El Dorado Hills in April 2013. Mraz cranks out amazing dark, hoppy, and Belgian-style beers, but we couldn't resist teaming up with the sour expert to brew this mouth-puckering delicious beer that combines the soft citrus of tangerines with the robust sweetness of guavas.

    Bici Perro Mexican Lager

    4.8% ABV

    Pale straw color with a very light body, it has some corn and lime notes, but is relatively clean in both aroma and pallet.

    Ride Bikes Blonde Ale

    5.0% ABV

    As much as we love complex flavors of IPA's and barrel aged stouts, there is always a time and a place for beer that offers a clean and simple refreshment. With an exceptionally clear body of pale gold, a citrus zest nose and a palate-rejuvenating finish, Ride Bikes Blonde Ale is the ideal cool-down beer.

    Discovery Bark Pale Ale

    5.0% ABV

    This SMASH (Single Malt and Single Hop) uses vienna malt and columbus hops. The vienna brings tasty biscuit, honey and pie crust notes, balanced with spicey and orange hop flavors from columbus hops. It pours a deep golden color. Very well balanced, crisp, and clean finishing.

    Tarto Tinto

    5.1% ABV

    You don't need a decanter or unicorn pourer to enjoy this red sour, just an adventurous palate that appreciates complex and compelling flavors. First, we kettle-soured a red ale with elaborate malt characteristics of lightly roasted raisin and chocolate, then we stirred in some tart cherry juice. We further depended the flavor profile by adding barrel staves, which created exhilarating notes of vanilla and oak, bridging the gap between sour lovers and beer geeks. Tarto Tinto is so uniquely delicious that you may forget to swirl before each sip.

    Noche Perro - Mexican Amber Lager

    5.8% ABV

    This amber lager has elements of roasted barley, sweet corn, and a lime zest. A slight, pleasant bitterness lingers in the aftertaste.

    Sud Dog Fest Bier

    6.2% ABV

    Sudwerk helped popularize the concept of craft lager back in 1989, and they have been educating entire generations of professional brewers out of their onsite classroom for almost as many years. Naturally we elected to bone up our lager education by enrolling in this master class of a malty Marzen, a tribute to both Sudwerk's German roots and to Bike Dog's Oktober birthday.

    New Rose

    6.2% ABV

    In the world of hazy IPAs, you're damned if you do and damned if you don't, but we couldn't stop to mess around, not with this brand new rose IPA in town. With a body as cloudy as a stormy sea and a color so bright it'll burn your eyes, not to mention a tropical and juicy fan club filled with zythos, calypso, and mosaic hops, this neat neat neat NE IPA was definitely born to kill. You can come back another day, but why, when this beer tastes so damned good right now.

    Pro-Zach West Coast IPA

    6.9% ABV

    Succulent yet super dry, infectiously drinkable yet deceptively complex, this hugely dry-hopped hero of an IPA was brewed in loving memory of our fellow bike-loving friend Zach Waddle.

    Mandarina's Hazy Navel - NEIPA

    7.4% ABV

    In wintertime, we go for citrus. Featuring Summit and Mandarina Bavaria hops, this has a great hazy factor and lots of orange citrus juiciness.

    Safety Stop

    7.7% ABV

    Our beloved Bike Dog staff created the Safety Stop meeting as an excuse to get together for a brief celebration, so we brewed this citrus-forward hazy IPA to math our employees - approachable, smooth, and with very low bitterness. With cascade, comet, and pacifica hops in the mix, this tropical beer drinks like a morning glass of orange juice, spiked with mango puree. It's the perfect beer for your next "Safety Meeting."

    Velodrome Double IPA

    8.4% ABV

    A Double IPA that won’t destroy your palette, one that balances booming waves of citrus-heavy hop flavors with an uncommon crispness and drinkability.
Schedule subject to change without notice.

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Located in the heart of industrial West Sacramento.

Bike Dog Brewery

2534 Industrial Blvd, Suite 110
West Sacramento, CA 95691

Biking Directions

Exit onto Jefferson Blvd heading south
Turn right on Lake Washington, which becomes Industrial Blvd
Pass Lowe’s and head over the deep water channel bridge
Our parking lot is on the right, just past Terminal St and the flooring store

Exit onto Harbor Blvd heading south
Turn left on Industrial Blvd
Bike Dog is on the left, right before the flooring store
If you hit Terminal St, you’ve gone too far