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2534 Industrial Blvd Suite 110
West Sacramento, CA 95691


Saturday, October 6 12–6pm
Thursday: 4–9pm
Friday: 4–9pm
Saturday: 12–9pm
Sunday 12–6pm

Kid & Dog Friendly

Corn hole and card games available.

    Bigger Boat 3xIPA

    11.0% ABV

    We're going to need a bigger boat. At 11%, this is a tropical beast of a beer with a real thirst for terrorizing your tastebuds, hunting your pallet like a sledgehammer wrapped in citrus and leaving you feeling like you were just dragged through waters chummed with mangos and pineapples.

    Milk Stout

    4.6% ABV

    Beer as comfort food, with decadent and nuanced coffee and chocolate flavors giving way to a pleasantly hoppy bitterness and a creamy finish.

    Bici Perro

    4.8% ABV

    Pale straw color with a very light body, it has some corn and lime notes, but is relatively clean in both aroma and pallet.

    Tarto Tinto

    5.1% ABV

    You don't need a decanter or unicorn pourer to enjoy this red sour, just an adventurous palate that appreciates complex and compelling flavors. First, we kettle-soured a red ale with elaborate malt characteristics of lightly roasted raisin and chocolate, then we stirred in some tart cherry juice. We further depended the flavor profile by adding barrel staves, which created exhilarating notes of vanilla and oak, bridging the gap between sour lovers and beer geeks. Tarto Tinto is so uniquely delicious that you may forget to swirl before each sip.

    Mosaic Pale Ale

    5.5% ABV

    A straw-colored glass of hop candy, with tropical fruit on the nose and crackers and papaya on the tongue.

    Noche Perro - Mexican Amber Lager

    5.8% ABV

    This amber lager has elements of roasted barley, sweet corn, and a lime zest. A slight, pleasant bitterness lingers in the aftertaste.

    Prosperite Saison

    6.5% ABV

    A highly quaff-able crisp saison with lots of Belgian yeast character including white pepper and clove as well as a refreshing lemon flavor that lingers.

    Badonkadank IPA

    6.8% ABV

    It’s not everyday that a beer with this much junk in the trunk comes along. Featuring eurkea, comet, and mosaic hops this dank as hell ipa is heavy on the resin and tropical notes with a mild but noticable malt backbone.

    Dog Years IPA

    7% ABV

    A clean and delicious IPA, with an initial citrus sweetness journeying through flavors of peppery crackers, honey, resin and cantaloupe.

    San Dog IPA

    7.4% ABV

    A well-hopped, pale gold IPA with tropical aromas of pineapple and mango, and a delicious mix of fruity and piney flavors.

    Defenders of the Haze

    7.5% ABV

    Rock hard and ride free with this delicious jawbreaker of a hazy IPA, a beer that practically screams, “Eat me alive!” While Citra, Mosaic and Amarillo hops leave love bites on your palate, heavy duty tropical elements of passionfruit and candied mango crash into the mild resin notes like a freewheel burning. When night comes down, this beer remains a steady sentinel, promising that some heads are gonna roll among the anti-haze critics who are screaming for vengeance.

    Dogmatic Double IPA

    8.6% ABV

    A tropical fruit salad of a hazy Double IPA that is both juicy and dry, citrus and melon, refreshing and contemplative. Murky orange with a white head, Dogmatic offers a honeyed, bubblegum-dusted fruit stand of aromas, with ripe melon on the first sip fading into grassy and citrus flavors.
Schedule subject to change without notice.

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Located in the heart of industrial West Sacramento.

Bike Dog Brewery

2534 Industrial Blvd, Suite 110
West Sacramento, CA 95691

Biking Directions

Exit onto Jefferson Blvd heading south
Turn right on Lake Washington, which becomes Industrial Blvd
Pass Lowe’s and head over the deep water channel bridge
Our parking lot is on the right, just past Terminal St and the flooring store

Exit onto Harbor Blvd heading south
Turn left on Industrial Blvd
Bike Dog is on the left, right before the flooring store
If you hit Terminal St, you’ve gone too far