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Thanks for your interest in Bike Dog helping your organization. We love our community and are always looking to help whether it is a big ask or a small ask. Before we go further, though, there are a few regulations we must bring to your attention.

What can Bike Dog donate?

Bike Dog can donate three things.

  1. Beer—we love to donate beer because it is the easiest thing for us to donate and it makes people happy.
  2. Our space—we love being the meeting up spot for the community. If we can reserve space for your group to gather, we do our best to accommodate. Want to put together an event at the taproom? Suggest that and we’ll see if it’s doable.
  3. Money—for the right group, we can talk about a cash donation.

Unfortunately, due to state regulations on beer manufacturers, we are unable to donate gift cards, merchandise, or raise any money through our point of sale registers (i.e. $1 from every pint goes to XYZ group).

What’s the process for donation requests?

  1. Fill out the form below
  2. We process the donation requests on the first of the month and respond to the selected groups. Unfortunately, due to the number of requests, we can’t respond to every request. If you don’t hear from us this time, please keep us in mind for the next request.
  3. If a beer donation is requested, a 1 day ABC license (containing the organization’s name and tax ID) must be supplied before we donate beer.

Thank you!

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