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Keg FAQs

How much beer is in a keg?

1/6 barrels hold roughly 40 x 16 oz pints.
1/2 barrels hold roughly 120 x 16 oz pints.

How much is a keg in cold hard cash?

Pricing ranges from $85 to $100 for a 1/6 barrel and $170 to $200 for a 1/2 barrel depending on the beer style. All kegs require a $100 cash or check deposit which will be returned to you once you return the empty keg back to us.

How do I reserve a keg?

You must fill out the form on the right and receive confirmation on availability and a pickup date/time.

Should I keep the beer cold?

Yes. Put it on ice or in a refrigerator until you are ready to serve it.

How do I pour the beer?

Rent a party pump or, even better, a jockey box from Beers in Sac.

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