RIDE BIKESBlonde AleHops: Amarillo, Mt. Hood5.0% ABV
As much as we love complex flavors of IPA's and barrel aged stouts, there is always a time and a place for beer that offers a clean and simple refreshment. With an exceptionally clear body of pale gold, a citrus zest nose and a palate-rejuvenating finish, Ride Bikes Blonde Ale is the ideal cool-down beer.
BITTER CUP O` JOECoffee ESBHops: East Kent Golding5.9% ABV
burnt caramel and berry with coffee
LA PROSPERITESaisonHops: Hallertau, Magnum6.5% ABV
Saison you remember from your summers on the farm in Normandy, but rather a bold new interpretation, one that can be enjoyed by moneyed landowners and peasant laborers alike. Our bone-dry Saison pours a gorgeous honey-gold, with
MAKE IT EASYIPAHops: East Kent Golding6.6% ABV
In perilous times, all you gotta do is make it easy. Take our Mosaic Pale Ale, turn up the dial and swap Simcoe for Citra and you've got this beaut.
JUICING ME SOFTLYHazy IPAHops: Idaho 7, Meridian, Hs-12286.7% ABV
This juicy beer brings forth notes of citrus and stone fruit coupled with hints of passionfruit and tropical aromas. Your senses will be cradled softy in this pillowy citrus juice-strosity.
STRADDLERIPAHops: honestly we`ve forgotten6.8% ABV
In order to commemorate our upcoming tasting room on Broadway in Sacramento, we brewed this clear amber IPA with Mandarina Bavaria hops, a German variety that imparts citrus fruit aromas and flavors. Just as the Bike Dog empire will soon straddle both sides of the Sacramento River, this deliciously complex beer straddles the line between fruity and piney IPA flavor profiles. The aroma suggest berries, honey and fruit candy, and the taste cohabitates citrus and pine with a grassy underbelly, while a dry, cracker-y finish immediately sends you back for another sip.
CONE OF SHAME 2020IPAHops: Zythos, Cascade, Chiook, Simcoe, Warrior7.0% ABV
A little shame goes a long way. Like a liquified pine cone with slight tropical notes and a firm bitterness, Cone of Shame makes the perfect antidote to the post-vet blues. The only real shame would be if you licked your stitches instead of this beer.
NAMELESS BRUTBrut IPAHops: Falconers Flight, Bravo, Calypso7.2% ABV
We brewed this one for the anonymous henchmen and henchwomen of the world, those nameless brutes who never seem to catch a break. While the evil geniuses take all the credit, it’s the henchpersons who do all the work, so we created a crisp and drinkable beer that doesn’t hold back the hop wallop. We used a special enzyme, possibly stolen from a secret government lab, to create a distinct dryness in the beer. This results in a diabolically subtle pear aroma, while also allowing a sinister mix of citrus and stone fruit flavors to hold your palate hostage…to deliciousness!
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